By: Brian Schutt

We’re often asked when we sit down with customers who are shopping for their HVAC services what makes us different. This tells me a few things about the customer. One, that for them it’s not all about price. And two they want to know who they’re buying from, not just what they’re buying.

We love it when customers ask great questions. This one in particular. It’s not that we’re the only HVAC company in Indianapolis, others do exist. We know a handful of great technicians that we would trust to work on our own systems. The problem is, most of those great and honest guys, are a one-man shop, unable to deal with the increasing demands of Indianapolis homeowners. Moreover, they’re not able to compete with the big guys on the radio, when it comes to some of the bells & whistles many homeowners use to distinguish one company from another.

So how can integrity and HVAC co-exist? Nothing profound, you start with people that live with character inside and outside work, and that’s the result. Everyone at Homesense Heating & Cooling has committed their life to something greater. We don’t force our religion on anyone else, but it does inform how we choose to do business. Does it mean we don’t make mistakes? Certainly not. Does it mean we’ll be a pushover? Absolutely not. What it does mean is that we will work diligently to do the right thing for your heating and cooling needs.

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Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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