Indianapolis' Best HVAC Warranty

Homesense heating and cooling warranty on new HVAC equipment installation including Carrier air conditioners, heat pumps and furnances

10 Year Extended Parts Warranty

On any new Carrier heating and cooling equipment installation in Metro Indianapolis.

Homesense will do the paperwork so you don’t have to. We register the Carrier equipment installed so it will qualify for the 10 year extended parts warranty. If additional Carrier home comfort products like humidifiers, air purifiers, or thermostats are also included in your new equipment installation, those too, will get the extended parts warranty.

10 Year Extended Labor Warranty

On every new Carrier heating and cooling equipment installation.

Upgrade your warranty to include labor! With a 10 Year Extended Labor Warranty Option. This offers the ultimate peace of mind by having “bumper to bumper” protection for 10 years. The extended labor warranty is a warranty add-on option. It’s at a very reasonable price from our manufacturers with no markup from Homesense.


1 Year HVAC Repair Call Limited Warranty

1 year part warranty for repairs made by Homesense HVAC technicians. If we replace your air conditioner capacitor this summer and it goes out again next spring, your don’t pay for that part. You replace your blower motor on a cold day in January, and it fails on a hot day in August, you don’t pay for the blower motor.


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