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For top quality and trustworthy technicians, home owners in Broad Ripple trust  Homesense Heating and Cooling.

You’ve seen our vans around the neighborhood. You’ve seen our yard signs on your street. You may have eaten next to one of our team members at Yats or Taste. Since launching in 2009, Homesense has grown in the Broad Ripple area and continues to work with more home owners every day.

Broad Ripple home owners choose Homesense because our goal is to invest in our team and our process. Our technicians are better paid than the industry standard, better trained, and works within a lower stress environment than our competition. This helps us recruit and keep the best technicians in central Indiana.

Have a broken furnace or air conditioner in need of repair? Try us and see the difference.

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List of HVAC Services in Broad Ripple:

Experts in Heating and Air Conditioning Older Homes in Broad Ripple

Many homes in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis were built 80+ years ago, and heating and air conditioning has changed alot since then. We commonly find old oil fueled furnaces, boilers, or homes that had to completely retrofit air conditioning in.

Broad Ripple homeowners care about this knowledge we have, because it helps provide a more thoughtful solution. Where many companies spend the majority of their time working inside newly constructed homes in the suburbs, our south Broad Ripple location means we are working in these older homes daily.

A big issue we see in the older homes is that ductwork is improperly sized. When furnaces were much less efficient, it required larger ductwork to move the air. Physics dictates that unless airflow is properly aligned with capacity, a home will never properly circulate the air to feel comfortable and maximize efficiency of heating and air conditioning equipment.

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Broad Ripple

Homesense is located in the Refinery46 building at 2201 E. 46th St. and a quick drive away should you have a furnace or air conditioner issue. Our team is certified and training to work on any brand of equipment, or ready to provide a free estimate to replace your furnace or air conditioning if needed. In addition, the Homesense team specializes in indoor air health evaluation and solutions. Curious what that means, just ask one of our fantastic technicians on your next appointment. Call us at 317.670.0171 to setup a time today.

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