By: Brian Schutt

Presenting Options is Paramount to trusting an HVAC technician

One Homesense Heating & Cooling customer story sticks out to me as an example of the importance of trust.

A client had just returned from vacation to a lukewarm home, and knew he needed to call an air conditioner technician.

While he regularly uses Angie’s List to shop service providers, this time he chose Homesense Heating & Cooling after a friend’s recommendation. He, like most homeowners, just wanted to find someone he could trust to examine his air conditioner.

The Moment of Truth for Homeowners

Before our technician even arrived for the appointment, this client was expecting the worst. Another HVAC company had previously told him that his only option was to replace his whole air conditioning system, and so it didn’t completely surprise him when the Homesense Heating & Cooling technician told him that his capacitor had failed.

Understandably, it did prove to increase his anxiety levels.

And we get this. It’s at these moments in service appointments where most homeowners don’t possess the technical know-how to determine the accuracy and trustworthiness of a technician’s prognosis. It can be nerve racking. And so at Homesense Heating & Cooling—as we did at this appointment—our technicians always take time to clearly explain the things we’re finding, the next steps in the diagnostic check, and all the potential options a customer has to move forward.

Multiple Tests Help Create a Trusted Diagnosis

Next in this appointment, our Homesense Heating & Cooling technician examined the compressor. He first ran three tests on the compressor—none of which showed any signs of life—but didn’t stop there. Since the system had been out for at least 10 days, our technician wanted to get power to the compressor before pronouncing it DOA.

Presenting Options Brings Peace of Mind

One of our company values is Present Options. What we mean by this is that we commit to give you all the options of how to move forward with your system, allowing you to make the best decision. This value removes the gimmicks and up-selling tactics you might have experienced with other HVAC firms. We believe you are the best person to make decisions for your system.

In this instance, our Homesense Heating & Cooling technician let the homeowner know there were two options: replace the failed compressor to see if the unit had more life in it, or replace the unit. Notice that replacing the unit was an option, but not the only option.

He ended up replacing the failed compressor, which finally brought life back to the air conditioning system. Following a comprehensive test of the remainder of the air conditioner, our client walked away with a total bill under $400, including ongoing preventative maintenance. Compare this with the thousands of dollars they would have spent replacing the unit with another company.

The Heart of Homesense Heating & Cooling

While we can’t guarantee that your experience with Homesense Heating & Cooling will be the exact same—an affordable repair when expecting an expensive replacement—we can guarantee a thorough process and clear communication. We’ll always give you the honest options, even if those are sometimes not what you want to hear.

We’ve memorialized all of our company values (including Present Options) in writing with The Heart of Homesense Heating & Cooling.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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