By: Brian Schutt

Sure, we went to Purdue, not Butler, but anyone who appreciates basketball playing the Indiana way appreciates the Butler Bulldogs. As adopted Bulldog fans, we want to officially declare that this Friday is “Butler Blue Friday”. We’ve checked around, and as best as we can tell, we’re declaring this in advance of any politician — so we can say, you heard it here first.

So here’s the deal, Indianapolis: This Friday take a picture of you & your family sporting Butler Bulldog gear, and we’ll do your HVAC Maintenance this spring at cost. That’s $55 for your spring tune-up. You can search all the money mailers you want, you won’t find a better deal. As a famous Indiana sportscaster once said, “And… Boom goes the dynamite!”

Shoot the email to me at to get your deal! And more important, GO BUTLER!

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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