What to Expect During Your Replacement Estimate

We believe that communicating clear expectations, up front, is one of the keys to building a long term trusted relationship. In order to maximize the quality of outcomes we hope our new system installation with bring you and your home, your estimate appointment demands we maximize the quality of inputs.


Timeline of Appointment:

  • We ask for a minimum of 60 minutes for our appointment in your home.

Areas we will be gathering data: (30-45 minutes)

  • Technical: Size of home, existing system measurements, electrical panel, thermostat, gas system, exhaust system, drain lines
  • Comfort: Determine hot/cold rooms, measure areas of poor airflow, gather data on insulation ratings in attic, walls, and windows
  • Health: Allergies, mildew or bacterial growth in home
  • Goals: What matters most to you? Budget, efficiency, comfort, etc.


Solution Preparation: (15 – 30 minutes)

  • With wireless access, our design technician will build a custom proposal onsite.
  • With up to 4 options provided, we believe the onsite review allows for questions and answers to drill down to the best solution for you.

HVAC Service Areas: