By: Brian Schutt
Research now supports what the Pilgrims knew centuries ago, gratitude and community are linked to happiness.

At Homesense Heating & Cooling, we are grateful for a lot.

We’ve been blessed over the last 7 years to work with some of the very best and brightest people in the Indianapolis area. Our clients care about the community and are thoughtful enough to invest their resources in companies that do too. We are incredibly grateful for the inputs and ideas to improve, the grace provided when necessary, and the plaudits when we’ve earned it. To our clients, thank you!

As an owner, I’m grateful for a team that is patiently but persistently pursuing a better way to do residential HVAC. They believe that by making integrity the essential element of our operation, our long-term success and sustainability are guaranteed. In an industry that far too often seems bent on maximizing the profitability of every customer interaction, our team’s diligence to bring that philosophy to reality is inspiring. To my team, thank you!

As with any pursuit, time spent comes at the cost of something else. These trade-offs can far too often impact those closest to us. In a city like ours where 70-degree days are rare, it requires long hours and personal sacrifice. While I’m able to share my gratitude directly with my team, I rarely get the chance to convey it to those at home. To my family and all of the families of the Homesense Heating & Cooling team, thank you! Without you, this whole operation couldn’t work.

Interested in the research? Check out this TED Talk from Shawn Achor:

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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