There’s More Than One Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Shop in Broad Ripple, IN

By: Brian Schutt  |  March 5, 2011

Not an elaborate post here, more of a public service announcement.  Having been called out after (clears throat) other Broad Ripple area heating and air conditioning companies, we feel compelled to tell homeowners that if you live in the Broad Ripple, there are HVAC options in the 46220 not heard on the radio.  So if you’d like to speak with the owner of the company you’re working with (see about us) and spend your hard earned dollar with a company owned by people in Indianapolis, give Homesense Heating | Cooling a holler.  We’ll give an honest assessment of your issues, straightforward pricing, and time to make a decision.


We are very much rooted in the Broad Ripple community — I mean, I re-met my wife at Broad Ripple Brew Pub (10 years after knowing her in high school), we’re over-caffeinated regulars at Hubbard and Cravens & Cornerstone Coffeehouse, and can’t help ordering from the managers’ bin at the Corner Wine Bar.  All that to say, we’re local and spend our time in the village.  If that doesn’t matter to you, no worries.  If you like to know what kind of company you’re buying from, and you’re in the 46220, 46205, 46208 or 46250 – or just consider yourself near Broad Ripple (frankly anywhere in Indianapolis) we’d love to help with your HVAC issues.



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