How We Find the Best HVAC Talent in the Indianapolis Area

By: Brian Schutt  |  August 17, 2016

At Homesense, we take a lot of pride in the integrity of our staff. You’ll find it first in our Heart of Homesense core values:

Be honest. Integrity is paramount to us. Our yes means yes and our no means no, always.

Of course, we know that many companies talk about integrity—and like us, even place it in their company values—but we always wanted to do more than just talk about it. We wanted to put our money where our mouth was.

And one such way we’ve tried to live out our integrity to our customers is by working with Talent Management Initiatives, an Indianapolis based firm committed to helping employers select, hire, retain and develop the best team members. Together, we seek out and evaluate the best talent to serve our customers.

To give you a better sense of how we work with Talent Management Initiatives in building our team, check out our brief interview with the firm’s president, David Brown, below.


What’s the purpose of Talent Management Initiatives?

“The purpose of my company is to work with business owners, hiring managers, and consultants to identify processes to improve their screening, on-boarding, and managing of their employees and candidates. Employers are looking for the best candidates for their companies, and assessments can significantly improve their success rate.

We provide a variety of assessments that measure integrity, work ethic, reliability, job fit, culture fit, leadership traits, skills testing, and performance management tools. By using assessments, we help them reduce turnover, get new employees up-to-speed quicker, and provide data to make hiring decisions more quickly.”

How do you specifically serve Homesense?

“Our service to Homesense today is with our Step One Survey from Profiles International, a leader in the employment assessment industry.

Homesense provides us with the name and e-mail address of each candidate, and we provide an invitation to the link for the candidate to login to the system to complete the assessment. The reports then go directly to Brian and team through an e-mail as soon as the candidate has completed the Step One Survey. These reports let Homesense Owner Brian Schutt know if there are any inconsistent responses in the way the candidate has answered any of the questions, as well as suggestions of interview questions in each of the areas of the survey to gain clarity as to why the candidate may have answered a particular question in the way he/she did.”

What exactly does this integrity testing evaluate?

“The Step One Survey is used as a pre-screening tool to let Brian and the team know things about their employment candidates in the following areas:

  • How did they get along with previous managers, and co-workers?
  • Have they ever quit or been fired from a previous employer and under what circumstances?
  • What is their attitude regarding theft in the workplace, drug use and have they had any criminal convictions?

We also provide a scale which measures integrity, reliability, work ethic, and attitude toward substance abuse.”

How does one pass or fail?

“There is no specific Pass/Fail result. Each employer establishes the criteria under which they find a candidate acceptable to hire. There is a scale of 1-9 for integrity, reliability, work ethic, and attitude toward substance abuse. The higher the score the better.”

Why should customers and prospects care that Homesense employees go through this testing?

“Many companies hire candidates based on experience only and do not consider the factors that are measured in the Step One Survey. Homesense clients and prospects can feel comfortable that the technicians that are hired by Homesense have a high level of honesty, reliability, and work ethic, and have been vetted by this extra step in the hiring process.”

Visit the Talent Management Initiatives website to find out more. And to talk to us more about the training Homesense Heating and Cooling staff receives, give us a call at 317-670-0171.


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