Carrier Heating and Cooling Remains High Efficiency Market Leader

By: Brian Schutt  |  September 17, 2013

Carrier Conservation Meter

Whether your motivation is environmental or purely budgetary, the reality is that increased operating efficiency of heating and cooling equipment is having a positive impact on both. Since Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner, the Carrier brand has been a leader in research and development for residential and commercial HVAC.

While the most important impact of this effort is likely personal – as in your personal comfort and reduction in home budget – the macro impact of increasing efficiency is no less substantial. To help put this reality into perspective, United Technologies the owner of the Carrier brand, has created the Conservation Meter – which illustrates the benefits in 3 meaningful areas.

  • It shows the metric tons of CO2 avoided through its units since 2000
  • It shows what this reduction equates to in passenger vehicles removed from the road
  • Finally is shows how much home electrical use is saved

Take a look at the Conservation Meter to see the bigger benefit your high efficiency Carrier system is a part of.

Brian Schutt


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