Call Us For Broad Ripple Heating and Air Conditioning Service Done Right

By: Brian Schutt  |  March 12, 2011

We really don’t intend to beat a dead horse or toot our own horn, or any other cliched phrase that applies to our repeated awareness that there are many other HVAC companies that serve Broad Ripple, and we end up cleaning up their messes.  And, like we always acknowledge, there are many great heating and air conditioning companies in Indianapolis.  For some reason, we always hear about the same ones that have dropped the ball with customers.

If this scenario sounds familiar, maybe you should just call us first next time:

You “schedule” an appointment with the HVAC company in your area, and the technician doesn’t show in the allotted time period.  No one reaches out to you, so you’re forced to call the company.  The person on the other end of the phone has no idea, but attempts to reassure you on the fact someone will be there.  Another hour goes by until the technician shows up, without remorse, and without introduction.  Once in your home, the technician doesn’t remove shoes or put on booties over his shoes, then proceeds to your HVAC equipment.   After spending some time “fixing” the issue, he gives you a bill higher than you’re expecting.

A day later the same issue that prompted the first service call, seems to be taking place again.  This time, you’re more insistent that both the technician be on time, and that he fix the issue.  The tech, after spending some more time with your furnace or a/c, then somberly tells you that you need to replace your system.

Any of that ring a bell?  Hopefully, your situation did not  follow that whole path.  But, we’ve received enough calls to know that it’s probably frustratingly similar to your story.

If you want technicians that show up on time, helpful customer service, pricing explained fully, and repairs that actually fix the problem, next time call us before going down that annoying path.

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