By: Brian Schutt

Few days demand reflection and gratitude like Veterans Day. In a country with such great prosperity that it allows for an industry like HVAC and many others to exist, we pause, remember, and salute those that sacrificed so much to preserve what Abraham Lincoln called the “last best hope of earth.” And I think it is important to remember the uniqueness of our nation that defines our veterans. While wars have been waged since history began, most were merely for the conquest of resources. America’s soldiers have served to defend an idea. The idea of a republic was created by the people for the people. A place where human ingenuity and creativity can be rewarded. A land that gives the freedom to choose, so long as that choice doesn’t infringe on others’ rights. Throughout history, America is unique, and America is exceptional.

To the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who served in wartime and peace, a sincere thank you.

And, as a small token of our gratitude, we would like to offer all veterans $500 off a furnace installation this November 2010. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, give us a call so we can say thank you.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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