By: Griff Housemeyer

We believe it’s just good sense to understand the basics of your furnace. In this video, Homesense Heating & Cooling co-owner Brian Schutt talks about the igniter and its important role in the process of your furnace working.

The igniter is a small cylinder found in front of your heat exchangers, much like the flame sensor is. It primarily acts as the spark plug to get the flames going within the furnace. When the gas in the furnace kicks on, it flows through the igniter, starting the first flame, which then turns on all the flames in the heat exchangers. If it’s not able to ignite, then you won’t be able to get heat from your furnace.

Since it’s a part that is used every time the furnace cycles, it can wear out pretty quickly. The normal solution, in this case, is just to replace the igniter.

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Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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