By: Brian Schutt

Your heat has gone out. You’ve piled on the blankets. You have the fire going strong and the oven is open. You search Google for “Furnace repair Indianapolis” and call the closest company to your home. They give you the news you don’t want to hear, your old furnace is going to be almost as expensive to repair as getting a new one. What do you do now?

This describes the scenario where most people buy a new furnace. Your back is against the wall, you know you need to do something, and you know you have little knowledge about the subject. I believe that the HVAC purchase is the greatest disparity of $ spent per time spent shopping of any purchase made. Think about it, you’re going to buy a new laptop computer that could cost $500 – $2500, you read consumer reports, talk to your friends who are into computers, go into the Apple store, Best Buy and shop online. I spent nearly a month shopping for my new computer. Or think about your car purchase. Granted it’s a bit larger investment, but most people spend months of consideration before even entering the active shopping process.

No one thinks about their furnace until they need it. And when they do need it, they don’t have the luxury of time to shop for consumer reports, friends, and online research.

This will always be the case until you arm yourself with the knowledge upfront. Over the next few days, we’ll explore brand options, efficiency options, and equipment options available in the Indianapolis area. This way, you’ll be armed with knowledge before you are forced into being a shopper.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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