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By: Brian Schutt  |  August 6, 2011

We’re starting a blog series that we’ll be running over the next couple weeks focusing on the most important aspects and attributes you should be looking for in your home air conditioning service provider.

Conversation after conversation with customers has revealed a few things.  1) They are overwhelmed with information about the technical attributes offered by the different brands out there, 2) Most companies are selling on these attributes without being able to substantiate them, and 3) Most companies don’t focus on the most items of highest impact for the homeowners.  Of the items in #3, none are more glossed over than the quality and experience of the technician doing the install.


At Homesense each technician has a minimum of 10 years experience.  Experience without quality is meaningless, however.  So, we are sure to have a system of checks & balances to ensure that customers get the outcomes they’re paying for.  We know that our experience & quality technicians are a competitive advantage, because time after time, customers tell us that has been the difference.  The technicians that inspect the job, will also be the one to perform an installation or repair – no salesmen specing out jobs, and someone else coming to do the work.

Why do all of these above items matter to you?  It’s estimated that up to 80% of installations are done improperly because of the inexperience and lack of oversight offered from most heating and air conditioning companies.  More than the brand of the equipment, more than the name of the company, the actual guy who’s doing the job is going to determine the experience you have with your new system.  Ask your HVAC company the name of the technician who’ll be doing the work, ask about his background & experience.  If they can’t tell you, be concerned.

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