By: Brian Schutt

If your Indianapolis home needs a new air conditioner, now is the best time to shop. Read on for more information on the best new air conditioning deals in Central Indiana.

As another Indianapolis winter comes to an end (or we hope anyway), air conditioning may seem like the last thing on your mind. And I wouldn’t fault you for that, since you’ve had your furnace cranked up for the last few months.

However, the truth is that now is the perfect time to start thinking about your air conditioning. That is if you’re at all interested in getting the best deal.

Air Conditioner Deals: Contractors are Hungry

We talk about this every spring and fall, but—as temperatures grow milder—HVAC companies like Homesense Heating & Cooling become hungrier for your business. Here’s why.

High-rated HVAC contractors have full-time employees who we all like to keep busy throughout the year. Busy employees mean happy employees, and happy employees make for happy customers. So to keep them occupied—and everyone happy—during this quieter season, proactive shoppers of air conditioners in Indianapolis reap the benefit of pricing discounts.

Air Conditioner Deals: Manufacturers are Motivated

In much the same way as contractors, air conditioner manufacturers want to lessen the cyclicality of their assembly lines by offering us purchasing incentives, primarily through financial rebates or zero-percent financing terms. Typically, the financial rebates are maximized when replacing both a furnace and air conditioner at the same time, and they progressively increase for higher efficiency equipment. Regarding financing, the zero percent terms might extend to 36, 48, or even 72 months, without impacting the retail price.

Call Homesense Heating & Cooling for Complimentary Air Conditioner Replacement Estimate

If you know your old A/C is at the end of its life and want to take advantage of the air conditioning deals available now, call our office at (317) 458-9255 or fill out our job scheduling form.

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