By: Brian Schutt

As the temperature dips for the first time this fall, homeowners across Central Indiana oftentimes smell something funny.

#1 Don’t Worry
It’s very normal that your furnace will have a funny smell the first time you turn it on. It can sometimes smell like burning, sometimes a little musty. Don’t get worried, it’s a very normal thing and happens in most homes.

#2 What is it?
Over the course of the spring and summer, the dust has accumulated in and around your heat exchangers, vents, and registers. As the furnace gets fired for the first time, that dust gets burned off creating that funky smell.

#3 How long should it last?
Not long. If the smell doesn’t go away within a few days of your first usage, it is definitely something to get looked at. Your furnace should feel like you have a fire burning, not smell like it.

If you have concerns about how your furnace is burning, or that something foreign is getting into your breathing air, don’t hesitate to call us at (317) 458-9255. In matters of combustion, the precautionary principle is certain applicable.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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