By: Brian Schutt
Many Indianapolis area homeowners have never bought a new comfort system for their homes. In trying to figure out what is going to be best, you are going to hear about a variable speed furnace fan. The fan or blower in question is the fan that provides airflow to all the registers in your home throughout the year, and variable speed fans are the best available.

Variable Speed Furnace Comfort

Most Indianapolis area homes have at least one area that doesn’t heat or cool as well as others, in addition, you may find yourself putting on a sweater, then taking it off over and over again in your home like the furnace cycles. In the summertime, your home may be cool, yet clammy and cave-like. These are big reasons why Homesense Heating & Cooling clients and people all over the world are investing in variable speed fans. The variable speed fan can adjust its speed to provide more even temperatures from room to room and minute to minute. In the summer, slower fan speeds help your air conditioning system dehumidify the home up to 50% better than the old standard fan (PSC).

Furnace Efficiency

Variable speed fans use much less energy than the old standard fan (PSC). In the Indianapolis area, the electric savings are around $80 per year. In addition, a variable speed fan can increase your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump efficiency by up to 2 SEER.

Noise Level

Variable speed fans will run at their low speeds most of the time, only reaching the highest speed on the most extreme weather days (like today it’s only 3°F outside). Fortunately, most of the time we are not at 3° or 95°. When the fan runs at full speed, you’ll hear the air rush through the registers like your old furnace does. The rest of the time it will be much less noisy, and you might not even know it’s running. Variable speed fans are usually paired with indoor units that are built with sound in mind. These systems have heavily insulated cabinets and sealed doors to cut down on noise.

Variable Speed Furnace Reliability

The heating and air conditioning repair industry is a profitable business and replacing PSC fan motors is a big reason why. Most companies (including Homesense Heating & Cooling) keep PSC fan motors on every truck. It’s not hard to justify why. Those truck fans will need to be restocked several times over the winter. Variable speed motors are unlikely to be stocked on any service van. The reason? They will probably still be in inventory a year from now. Variable speed fans are more flexible and robust. They can adjust to situations that aren’t ideal.

In the HVAC business, there are more choices than ever. As you look through the available options, you’ll be alerted to the fact that variable speed systems are more expensive than the old standard (PSC) systems. If one or all of the issues listed above are factors in choosing a new system, then it is likely worth it. A new furnace is a long-term investment, expected to last ~15 years.

If you have more questions or concerns about which fan is right for your Indianapolis area home call (317) 458-9255.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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