By: Brian Schutt

It’s the season for new A/C’s here in Indianapolis. The string of 90- and 100-degree days is wiping out air conditioners new and old, and homeowners are forced to replace their A/C. While there are some benefits to replacing both systems at once, don’t be fooled if someone tells you both have to be done at the same time.

The fact is, outside of your blower that circulates the air, the furnace operates independently of the air conditioner and is not impacted by the installation of a new A/C system.

It’s happened countless times already this summer when we are called for a second opinion after another company’s recommendation. They make claims about government mandates, things that sound plausible, and add the furnace to the A/C estimate. Most of the time the false claims have to do with a requirement of a high-efficiency system or something that forces homeowners to get one of the most expensive units. Again, this is totally up to you.

The flip sides. You have a 20-year-old furnace, and it’s been giving you trouble for a few years. There’s certainly a benefit to considering replacing both systems at once. The company will have labor efficiencies in doing both at once, and that will be a benefit to you. Demand options, as many solutions are going to heat and cool your house, don’t just settle on what’s teed up for you by a salesman.

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Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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