By: Brian Schutt

5.6 million Dehumidifiers Sold Between 2003 and 2013 Included
One of our goals at Homesense Heating & Cooling is to keep you informed of HVAC-related items that affect your comfort and safety. With the wide-ranging impact of this dehumidifier recall, we wanted to send a special message. This may not impact you, and is specifically for dehumidifiers, taking away humidity not adding humidity.

This recall impacts 5.6 million dehumidifiers from 60 different brands sold between 2003
and 2013. As the number of fire and smoke-related incidents have increased, GD Midea Air Conditioning Equipment Ltd., of China, was the company forced to re-issue a recall notice from 2013.

To check to see if your dehumidifier is on the list, go here.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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