By: Cristina Marroquin-McCall

This deal has passed but you can still get a duct cleaning or iWave through us. Learn more about both below!

Duct Cleaning

Getting your ductwork cleaned is an important upkeep service for your system, especially if you have recently moved into a new house or haven’t done it for many years. It is also important if you have anyone in your family with serious allergies. To learn more about why it’s worth it to get your ducts cleaned, check out this article.


The iWave is an air purifier that goes into your system to help clean the air of pathogens, allergens, and other harmful particles. If you are looking to reduce odors in your home or remove allergens, this is a great product to consider. To learn more about the iWave, read our review of the product here.
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Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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