Furnace Replacement in Broad Ripple

Furnace Replacement in Broad Ripple is a specialty of Homesense Heating and Cooling

Our Connection to the Broad Ripple community

Since starting in the neighborhood in 2009, Homesense has been working inside Broad Ripple homes installing and replacing hundreds gas furnaces.

While we serve all around Indianapolis, Broad Ripple has been our home. When Homesense first started we didn’t even have an office, so our address was a P.O. Box at Roosevelt Colvin’s UPS Store next to Broad Ripple High School.

As we grew, our office moved above the Starbucks on Broad Ripple Avenue and Guilford. In 2013, we expanded and located in south Broad Ripple off 54th St. And in early 2016, the firm will be moving into a 30,000 square foot facility on 46th St.

Aside from the business location, many of our friends and family live and work in the Broad Ripple area. We care deeply for the safety and success of the community, and invested $1,000 to combat the crime wave in 2014.

Furnace Replacements in Broad Ripple

Part of our success comes from experience in replacement and installation of new furnaces and heat pumps in the Broad Ripple area. Many of the systems are in basements, which have unique duct design and airflow requirements. Further, with the high level of moisture in many of the basements, furnace installations in Broad Ripple require certain height be achieved above the floor, to ensure the equipment doesn’t get moisture into it.

With highly skilled technicians trained on the unique requirements of a new furnace in Broad Ripple, Homesense believes you’ll be happier and have more peace of mind with us, than anyone else.

Scheduling An Appointment for New Furnace in Broad Ripple

Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible. Like any good process, it starts with good inputs. If you know your furnace is done, and you just want an estimate for its replacement, Homesense will send out a highly skilled design technician to review your system and home, and present options for you to consider.

Once you make a decision, the process is turnkey with high quality control to ensure your new furnace gets installed timely, correctly, and without issues.

Call us at 317.670.0171 to setup your appointment, or schedule by going here.


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