By: Brian Schutt

It’s what customers want, why is it so hard for Indianapolis HVAC providers to give it?
We beat this drum a lot, but we continue to talk about things like this because we get frustrated calls every week from customers all around Indianapolis. They are frustrated because it hasn’t been too long since they’ve purchased a new system, and the first company they called was insistent that they needed a new system. If you’re just looking for heating and cooling help, not to be sold new equipment, give Homesense Heating & Cooling a call.

Sometimes getting a new system is the best option, so don’t feel as if you’re getting taken advantage of if that’s what an HVAC technician has told you. But as a customer, you don’t have to be an electrical engineer to understand when someone has been thorough vs. someone who has an agenda to sell you.

As we said in our post about Integrity in HVAC, we don’t claim to be 100% perfect always. But we commit to getting things done right. Sometimes that means making our recommendation and having a customer go in a different direction.

A few weeks ago, we looked at a 25-year-old heat pump system in Noblesville. The outside unit was running great, but the fan coil inside had some electrical issues. The electrical issues were compounded by a circuit board issue and the fact that supply chains for 25-year-old parts tend to be challenging. Our recommendation was a replacement. The homeowner, to his credit, wasn’t quite sure he wanted to move forward with just one component of the new system and asked if we would track down the replacement parts for his fan coil. While we weren’t optimistic about finding parts for a 25-year-old system, we went through several channels and were able to get the necessary parts.

Help. That’s what he wanted. He respected our opinion, but at the same time, we respected his. It’s not our job as an HVAC company to tell a customer what to do. All we can do is attempt to educate a customer on the options and present our recommendation.

If you’re tired of being told what to do when you call your HVAC company, and you’d just like to get some healing and cooling help, give us a call.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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