By: Brian Schutt
While the weather outside hasn’t been too frightful, it definitely getting colder every day. As the temps get into the teens, single digits, and eventually below zero, Indianapolis homeowners need an HVAC company to trust.

So, why would you trust Homesense Heating & Cooling with your home furnace?

  • Only experienced technicians. When you call a company out of the yellow pages, or one from a money mailer, you don’t know who’ll show up. More than anything else when your furnace breaks down, you want someone who knows their craft doing the diagnosis. At Homesense Heating & Cooling, we have technicians with a minimum of 25 years of experience, so you know you’re getting top-quality service every time.
  • The highest integrity in Indianapolis HVAC. Experience means little if it’s not coupled with high integrity. Having strong roots in the Indianapolis community, our leadership and technicians know that Indianapolis is a small town at heart, and it doesn’t take too long for bad things to get around. More than that, each of us strives to uphold daily our personal commitments to faith, and that flows into how we work and interact with customers. We don’t like to flaunt this fact, but it’s something that we know sets our company apart.

  • Top-quality third-party reviews for Indianapolis HVAC. We can say how great we are all day, but we know that no one can say it better than satisfied customers. That’s why we always encourage new customers to go online and look at what past customers are saying. Go to Google and look at how Homesense Heating & Cooling stacks up to other Indianapolis HVAC companies. Look at Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau, wherever you look, we know that our customers telling our story will mean more than anything else.

Sound like qualities you’re looking for? Give us a call at (317) 458-9255.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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