By: Griff Housemeyer

Building long-term relationships with customers are at the heart of what we do at Homesense Heating & Cooling. That’s why we love to highlight our customers and share their stories. The following customer story comes to you from Kelly Griese, a long-standing customer of ours who lives in midtown, is involved in the community and is an overall rock-star of a person. She shares how she first came to use Homesense Heating & Cooling, the exceptional service she experienced, and how, when the rubber hit the road, we stuck by our promise of integrity, even when it was hard.

My introduction to Homesense Heating & Cooling came through serving on a board with owner Brian Schutt. We were both volunteer members of the Lemonade Day Indianapolis board, and I was a new, first-time homeowner. When the time came to have my HVAC system looked at, I initially forgot about having sat through a few meetings with Brian, but I’m so glad it dawned on me to call him. While it certainly helps to be on a first-name basis with the owner of a company, I know Brian provides the same exceptional service to all his customers, because I’ve witnessed their stories over the years.

The first time I used Homesense Heating & Cooling was following a malfunction of my thermostat over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. I was heading to the track for the 500 with my dad, and I was worried about my A/C. It didn’t seem to be working properly. I figured I could simply call once we parked in Speedway, but cell service was horrible. Weirdly, I could connect to Twitter, so I reached out to Brian through that! He was immediately responsive and scheduled for Dustin, one of their technicians, to come to my home.

Dustin was great. He was polite and respectful of both my home and my time. We hit it off right away and discovered we had something in common: a mutual love for the Miami Dolphins. My uncle played for the team, and I have a few pieces of sports memorabilia in my house that Dustin noticed. After he provided such exceptional service, I had to say special thank you, so I had my uncle autograph a football for Dustin and delivered it to the Homesense Heating & Cooling office. It felt good to do something nice for him after he had been so kind and helpful to me.

Of course, as anyone who follows my uncle’s storied career will tell you, perfection isn’t easy. And sometimes even the best in the business slips up. In 2018 I had a less than perfect experience with Homesense Heating & Cooling. There was a mix-up with scheduling an appointment, and it left me feeling frustrated. I worried that perhaps Homesense Heating & Cooling was slipping in its customer service. So, I emailed Brian and told him everything that happened. I made it clear that I was disappointed but that I still trusted him and Homesense Heating & Cooling due to his previous exceptional service, and that’s why I was writing to him. Brian was so very receptive to my criticism. He thanked me for bringing it to his attention and promised to address my concerns with the staff.

Homesense Heating & Cooling wants to do it right and make it right if necessary. It shows good character when you can take feedback like Brian did and make changes to regain trust. Again, no business is perfect all the time, but Homesense Heating & Cooling is nearly perfect. Brian and the rest of the team committed to excellence. There’s no home service company I recommend higher. I even go to Brian when I need suggestions for other home service providers, such as roof repairs and plumbing work! Their availability and quality of service are outstanding.

Brady Wilson
Brady Wilson

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