3 Ways Indianapolis HVAC Contractors Are Not Created Equal

By: Brian Schutt  |  June 26, 2015

Finding a high quality Indianapolis HVAC contractor is difficult. Read on for more information on finding the best heating and cooling supplier in Indy.

Since starting our HVAC firm in Indianapolis about six years ago, I’ve learned minutia I never thought I’d care about in my life. As a strategist, I’m tempted to stay in the big picture space. As a homeowner, I’m tempted to stay in the big picture space.

If you’re like me, your plate runs over with work and family, and with the crumbs left over you try to piece together a social life—or at least a solid eight-hour sleep once in a while.

All this to say, I get why you wouldn’t care about the small details of your HVAC system.

What I can say unequivocally is that you should care if your Indianapolis HVAC contractor cares about the small details of your HVAC system.

The Indianapolis HVAC Contractor Landscape

If you look for Indianapolis HVAC contractors on Angie’s List, you’ll get over a thousand results. The business term used for an industry like that is “fragmented,” meaning lots and lots of supply.

The majority of the HVAC contractors are one- or two-man truck companies, operating with limited overhead costs and very little marketing. The flip side of HVAC contractors in Indianapolis is the few dozen firms that are corporately owned and publicly traded, which dominate the market share.

On the whole, all Indianapolis HVAC contractors communicate in highly technical language that’s not understood by most homeowners.

On the demand side, most homeowners would prefer to avoid dealing with HVAC issues until absolutely necessary. This is totally understandable—albeit ill-advised—as it’s hard to justify putting limited resources into something that presently works.

When you overlay a fragmented industry that’s communicated in a technical way with the fact that most homeowners would rather not deal with HVAC until absolutely necessary, you see consumers that largely view each of the Indianapolis HVAC contractors the same and therefore judge everyone solely on price.

All Indianapolis HVAC Contractors Are Not Created Equal

It will come as no surprise that I don’t subscribe to the belief that everyone in Indianapolis HVAC is the same, and should be judged solely on price.

So what are the differences and what do they mean to you? Here are three factors to consider:

1. Local Ownership in Indianapolis HVAC

I firmly believe that the closer decisions are made to the people those decisions impact, the better those decisions will be. This isn’t just a lecture on Federalism. This concept just seems to be rational to me. If someone is in your community then they are going to understand your needs better, be more empathetic, and care about your long-term satisfaction. Especially in a close knit community like Indianapolis, local ownership should be a factor in a homeowner’s evaluation.

2. A Process to Address Small Details

In every repair and installation of an HVAC system, there are hundreds of small decisions. Cutting, gluing, taping, sealing. What tool do you use? How long do you test a system? Experience has taught Homesense that all of these details add up to the quality of your HVAC system. Experience has also taught us that not everyone pays attention to these details.

When you’re looking at what HVAC contractor to use in Indianapolis, ask about their quality control process and how the company holds their technicians accountable to those expectations.

3. A Track Record of Happy Customers

As more and more review sites are created, most homeowners realize the value of reading customer reviews. This is an important filter to get an idea of what your customer experience will look like. Validating an HVAC contractor on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and Facebook, can ensure you’re getting a breadth of customer inputs.

As much as it’s important to look at the positive reviews, I find the negative reviews can be more instructive. How does the HVAC firm handle issues when they do arise? Anyone can have integrity when the project goes to plan, but how do they respond when things don’t go well?

The Long-Term Relationship Matters to Homesense

Clearly, our hope is that you are thorough in your process and that your research ultimately leads you to choose Homesense. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients that last over the years. If we sound like someone you’d like to consider, please call us at 317-203-8149 to schedule an appointment.

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